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Вторник, 26 Марта 2019 11:36

Bruzgi checkpoint upgrade to be over by 2nd European Games in Minsk


The border clearance process for people coming to Belarus to attend the 2nd European Games will be simplified and streamlined as much as possible, was learned from the State Customs Committee.

“Participants, officials and fans will cross the customs border in a simplified manner. At checkpoints, customs operations in respect to their goods will be carried out through separate specially-designated channels for vehicles,” the department said.

The customs authorities are doing their best to simplify the crossing procedures for the participants and guests of the 2nd European Games. In the preparation for the large-scale sports event, the authorities are using the positive experience gained during the 2014 IIHF World Championship in Minsk and studying Azerbaijan's 1st European Games practices.

“An extremely important component of the work is to ensure safe entrance to the country. The customs service has expanded its range of narcotics and explosives detectors, radio stations, personal video recorders, information reading systems. The upgrading of CCTV systems at the border checkpoints has been almost completed,” the State Customs Committee said.

In 2018, the State Customs Committee of Belarus signed memorandums with the customs services of all neighboring states on matters regulating interaction during the 2nd European Games. Meetings held with the heads of the customs services of the neighboring countries to discuss assistance to the participants and fans of the games, and also ways to simplify border crossing procedures for them.


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